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Quality Control

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First, establish the awareness that quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise.

All employees must realize that if the quality of the product is not good, there will be no market for the product, and if there is no market for the product, the company will lose its source of profit. After a long period of time, the company will go bankrupt and unemployment will follow. Of course, for our company, the current product market is good, and we hope that it will be better in the future, but we must "be vigilant in times of peace" and make our product quality better.

Second, establish a quality customer awareness.

Everything is customer-centric, see yourself as a customer, see yourself as the operator of the next process, and see yourself as a consumer of the product. In this way, you will consciously do your work well at work. When everyone does the work well, the quality of the product can be guaranteed. If you cut corners at work, your own personal interests will be harmed.

Third, establish quality prevention awareness.

"The quality of the product is produced and designed, not by inspection, and we must do it right the first time." This is not a slogan, which reflects the preventive nature of product quality. If our quality Without control from the source, it will be difficult for us to control the quality of our products. Even if a large amount of inspection manpower is invested in production to check, a large number of defective or even waste products are produced due to failure to control from the source during production, the cost of the product will be greatly increased, causing a heavy burden and loss to the production cost of the enterprise. Moreover, the quality problems of some products may not be found and remedied from the subsequent processes. This requires us to do things the first time to prevent quality problems from occurring.

Fourth, establish a quality program awareness.

The quality management is the whole process and the whole company, and the work between each process and each department of the whole company must be orderly and effective. All quality management personnel and operators are required to strictly follow the procedures, if they do not follow the procedures There will be more opportunities for work errors, and the quality of the products will not be guaranteed.

Fifth, establish a sense of responsibility for quality.

American quality management expert Dr. Zhu Lan believes that 80% of quality problems originate from management, while only 20% of problems originate from employees. In other words, managerial controllable defects account for about 80%, and operator controllable defects are generally less than 20%.

The principle of distinguishing between operator-controllable defects and manager-controllable defects:

A. The operator knows how and why he does it;

B. The operator knows whether the product he produces meets the requirements of the specification;

C. The operator knows what consequences he produces if the product does not meet the specifications;

D. The operator has the ability to correctly handle abnormal situations.

●If the above four points have been met and the material conditions such as equipment, tooling, testing and materials in production are all available and the fault still occurs, it is considered to be a defect that is controllable by the operator.

●If any of the above four points cannot be met or the material conditions such as equipment, tooling, testing and materials are not available in production and failure occurs, then it is the responsibility of the manager. Only by understanding the responsibilities of quality problems, can we target the problems and improve the quality.

Sixth, establish awareness of continuous delivery of quality.

There is no best quality, only better quality; quality improvement is a continuous, cyclical, and continuous improvement process, which follows the PDCA cycle model, which can be briefly described as follows:

P-plan: make improvement plan according to product requirements;

D-implementation: implementation plan;

C—Inspection: Inspect the process and products according to product requirements;

A—Disposal: Take measures to continuously improve product quality.

Only in this way can the quality of our products continue to rise, and only in this way can we continuously improve quality and innovate, and we will continue to win the market.

Seventh, establish the cost awareness of quality (ie, the awareness of quality standards).

Ensuring quality and pursuing profit is the eternal goal of an enterprise. If a company wants to develop, it has to pay attention to the cost of production. However, the cost is closely related to quality. Good quality can minimize the cost of the product. If the quality of the product is not good, customers often receive complaints about return, then the cost will be Will be very high, and even drive the company to a desperate situation. The reason for the decline of many companies is not because there is no source of customers or orders, but because the internal management of the company is not good, the cost cannot be reduced, and it is unable to participate in the market competition. We should take a warning. However, the stricter the quality, the more beneficial to the company. On the contrary, excessively improving product quality will result in excess quality and also increase production costs. Therefore, when we are producing, we require all procedures and links to be done strictly in accordance with customer standards, so that we can minimize costs and improve market competitiveness.

Eighth, establish a quality education awareness.

With the development of the times, the concept of quality management is constantly updated and needs to be learned. Successful companies in the 21st century will belong to those learning and growing companies. Strengthening internal training and improving the work innovation ability of all employees will make the company prosperous and change with each passing day. So, "Quality begins with education and ends with education."